Originally from St. Louis, Dianna moved to Chicago and studied marketing for a brief period from 2016-2017. During this time, she transformed a hobby of creating bath bombs into a business and landed her products in a spa located near her home in Missouri.

Eventually, she found herself stopping production and closing business in order to pursue a desire to travel. For the next 2 years, she traveled between southeast Asia and Europe. Living in numerous countries; Thailand, Vietnam, Cyprus, and Sweden to name a few. To switch things up, she even found a petsitting gig in England during the summer of 2019.

Naturally, Dianna had an itch to stay busy during her downtime and decided to pick up freelance projects to gain some income while abroad. Being already familiar with graphic design software and retail products, she chose to specialize in product packaging design. She has since worked with brands across numerous industries from food to haircare.

Another notable achievement Dianna found herself with while traveling was winning a Silver Kitty from Product Hunt by developing an app to help discover the holistic healing properties of tea, with no code involved. She also grew a community of over 3,000 people with a weekly newsletter that provided meal plans and recipes for those on a budget.

In November 2019, having cycled through the same countries multiple times, Dianna decided it was time to return home. Amidst experiencing reverse culture shock, she latched onto her prior passion of starting a handmade product business. With only $100, Dianna founded TERRA a month after being back in Missouri.

Within 30 days, she successfully executed, launched, and sent out her first packages of hand-poured candles across the nation. Since then, Dianna has put all her efforts and heart into growing TERRA each and every day.

She highly advocates entrepreneurship and continuously strives to inspire others by being transparent about her business and herself on social media.